SASSA Status Check Scams: Don't Get Caught! Your 2024 Guide to Staying Safe

By Mothushi Thoka | 15 June 2024

Hey there, SASSA grant applicants and recipients! While waiting for your grant status update is exciting, it's crucial to stay vigilant against scammers who prey on those eager for their SRD R350 payments. Let's arm you with the knowledge you need to keep your personal information safe and avoid falling victim to these tricks.

How Scammers Operate:

These clever con artists use various tactics to try and trick you:

  • Phishing Messages: They may send you fake SMS messages, emails, or WhatsApp messages pretending to be from SASSA, asking you to click on a link or provide personal information.
  • Fake Websites: They might create websites that look similar to the official SASSA site, hoping you'll enter your login details or other sensitive data.
  • Social Media Scams: They may post misleading information on social media, promising to help you with your application for a fee or asking for your banking details.

Protect Yourself:

  1. Stick to Official Channels: Always use the official SASSA website ( or the official SASSA WhatsApp number (082 046 8553) to check your status.
  2. Never Share Personal Information: SASSA will never ask for your bank account details, PIN, or passwords via SMS, email, or WhatsApp.
  3. Be Wary of Suspicious Links: Don't click on links from unknown sources. Always double-check the URL before entering any information.
  4. Report Scams: If you receive a suspicious message or encounter a scam, report it to SASSA immediately.

Secure Ways to Check Your Status:

Here are the safe and official methods to check your SASSA grant application status:

  • **SASSA Website:** Visit the official SASSA SRD website and use the designated status check tool.
  • **SASSA WhatsApp:** Save the official SASSA WhatsApp number (082 046 8553) and send a message to request your status.
  • **USSD Code:** Dial *134*7737# from your mobile phone and follow the prompts.


Your safety and security are a priority. By staying informed and following these tips, you can protect yourself from SASSA status check scams. Don't let fraudsters get in the way of receiving the support you deserve.