SASSA Status Check: Troubleshooting Common Errors & Finding Solutions

Checking your SASSA grant application status can sometimes lead to frustration when you encounter unexpected issues. But don't worry, you're not alone! Many applicants face similar challenges, and we're here to help you understand and resolve them.

1. Incorrect ID Number

This is the most frequent error. Double-check that you've entered your South African ID number correctly, including all 13 digits. Even a single typo can lead to a "No Record Found" message.


2. Wrong Grant Type

SASSA administers various grants (e.g., Older Persons, Disability, Child Support, SRD). Make sure you're checking the status for the correct grant type.


3. Application Under Processing

This status is normal during peak application periods. It means SASSA is still reviewing your application, and there's no need to panic.


4. Technical Errors/Website Down

Sometimes, the SASSA website experiences technical difficulties or high traffic volumes, leading to errors or downtime.


5. No Record Found

This usually means that SASSA has not yet received your application, or there's an issue with the information you provided.


6. Payment Dates Not Updated

Sometimes, there might be delays in updating payment dates on the system.


7. Status Shows "Pending"

This means your application is still under review. It can take several weeks for SASSA to process applications, especially during peak times.