SASSA Status Check: "Failed Bank Verification" – What It Means & How to Fix It

If your SASSA SRD grant application status displays "Failed Bank Verification," don't worry, it's a solvable issue. This status means SASSA couldn't verify the banking details you provided, and you won't receive your payment until this is fixed.

Why Did Bank Verification Fail?

  • Incorrect Details: You may have entered your bank account number, branch code, or account holder name incorrectly.
  • Account Not in Your Name: The bank account you provided must be registered in your name as per your ID document.
  • Account Inactive/Closed: If the account is closed or inactive, the verification will fail.
  • Technical Issues: Sometimes, there might be a temporary technical glitch on SASSA's or your bank's side.

How to Fix the "Failed Bank Verification" Status:

  1. Double-Check Information: Verify your banking details against your bank statement or by contacting your bank.
  2. Update Your Details: If there are errors, update your banking information through the official SASSA website or by calling the helpline (0800 60 10 11).
  3. Use an Active Account: Make sure the account you provide is active and in your name.
  4. Wait and Retry: If you're sure your details are correct, wait for a few hours and recheck your status. Technical issues might have resolved themselves.
  5. Contact SASSA: If the issue persists, contact SASSA directly for further assistance.

Important Tips:

  • Always use official SASSA channels for updating your information.
  • Be patient, as the verification process might take a few days.
  • Don't panic! This is a common issue, and there are solutions available.

By promptly addressing this issue, you can ensure that you receive your SASSA SRD grant without unnecessary delays.