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How to check SASSA Status

Check your SASSA SRD Status using your South African ID number and cellphone number you used to apply, 4 way to check status

If you are experience issues checking your status, please visit the troubleshooting page to solve common issues.

Eligibility for South African Social Security Agency "SASSA" R350 SRD grant

SASSA Status Meanings

Status Meaning
Pending Your application is still under review. Further information or verification may be needed.
Approved Your application has been successful. You will receive your grant payment soon.
Declined Your application has been unsuccessful. Reasons for decline will be provided.
Suspended Your grant has been temporarily stopped. This could be due to a need for further verification or information.
Cancelled Your grant has been permanently stopped. This could be due to changes in eligibility or other reasons.
Referred Your application has been forwarded to another department or needs further processing.
Lapsed Your grant has expired due to non-collection or non-renewal within the required period.
Active Your grant is currently active and you are receiving payments as scheduled.
Under Appeal Your declined application is being reviewed upon your request for reconsideration.
Review in Progress Your grant is under review to ensure continued eligibility.

How check your appeal status

To find out the status of your appeal, follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit the reconsideration status check page at
  2. Enter your South African SOUTH AFRICAN ID number and the phone number associated with your request for reconsideration.
  3. You will receive your OTP on the registered phone number.
  4. Enter the OTP code on our site.
  5. Your status will be displayed on the screen.

Common issues

Below is a list of common issues related to checking status and how to solve them

SRD Statuses and explanation.

Pending Approved Declined Reapplication Pending Bank Details Pending Period Pending Cancelled Failed Bank Verification

Other issues

Incorrect South AFrican SOUTH AFRICAN ID number Wrong Grant Type Application Under Processing Technical Errors/Website Down No Record Found Payment Dates Not Updated Status Shows "Pending"

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